The corporate and commercial law practice of our firm covers a broad range of business transactions. The practice is as varied as the clients and the industries that the firm serves.

The breadth of the practice covers:
• business formation;
• government licensing;
• mergers and acquisitions,
• public listings;
• disposals
• insolvency, judicial management and winding up of corporations;
• taxation;
• banking.

The firm is a preferred advisor to many Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed companies in respect of capital raising and mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring. This Department is headed by Addington Chinake. Other members of the team are Simplicio Bhebhe, Unity Sakhe, Agmos Moyo, Ngonidzashe Mugandiwa, Tatenda Moyo and Nyashadzashe Chidembo.


Kantor & Immerman has recognised expertise in all aspects of employment law. We have broad experience in the drafting of employment contracts, codes of conduct and employment benefit policies.

We provide solutions largely to corporate employers relating to dismissals, retrenchment (redundancy) and unfair labour practice disputes. The nature of this practice is such that we are able to provide transaction-related employment law advice. This Department is headed by Agmos Moyo. Other members of the team are Simplicio Bhebhe, Bernard Chidziva, Gondai Sithole, Chatapiwa Malaba, Herbert Muromba.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Kantor and Immerman’s broad experience in the area of litigation allows it to efficiently and effectively handle disputes from the period before a law suit is filed until final disposition on appeal in all courts including Magistrates Court, Labour Court, Administrative Court, Fiscal Appeals Court, High Court , Supreme Court and Constitutional Court. We recognise that alternative dispute resolution (ADR), yields substantial economic benefits to litigants within our legal system. We encourage our clients, wherever possible to seek to have their disputes resolved through mediation and arbitration. We aim to assist our clients to resolve their disputes in the most assertive, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The firm’s litigation practice covers the full range of civil disputes arising in any of the firm’s other areas of specialisation. This includes banking and other commercial sectors, commercial contracts, delict (torts), insurance, trade mark infringements, commercial and government contracts, employment law, challenging arbitrary administrative decisions such as deportations, environmental law investigations, refusals to grant licences under various pieces of legislation, enforcement of rent and other regulations. This Department is headed by Bernard Chidziva. Other members of the team are Simplicio Bhebhe, Tawanda Tandi, Chatapiwa Malaba, Ngonidzashe Mugandiwa, and Nyashadzashe Chidembo.

Real Estate & Securitisation

In the area of Real Estate Law, Kantor and Immerman attends to all types of conveyancing work including land transfers, subdivisions and share block schemes. We also provide services for transaction-related securitisation including:
• mortgage bonds,
• notarial cession of book debts and trade receivables,
• notarial special and general covering bonds over moveable assets including plant and equipment and motor vehicles.

We represent lenders, landlords, tenants, developers, pension funds, trusts, investors, purchasers, sellers, real estate agents, homeowner’s associations, non profit community development corporations and construction contractors in a wide variety of real estate transactional and litigation matters. This Department is headed by Precious Chakasikwa. Other members of the team are Addington Chinake and Unity Sakhe.

Intellectual Property

We recognise the importance and value of intellectual property in the cut-throat commercial sector. In line with our objective to add value to our clients, we provide services relating to the registration and protection of intellectual property, particularly trademarks.

We have experience in the drafting intellectual property licensing and protection agreement and filings in both the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) whose headquarters are in Harare. This Department is headed by Unity Sakhe. Other members of the team are, Tawanda Tandi and Herbert Muromba.

Family Law and Estate Planning

The firm has a thriving family law practice which provides solutions to a wide range of legal problems common in this area of the law, particularly dissolution of marriages, custody and guardianship issues, maintenance as well as legal problems in the sphere of inheritance and succession laws. This department is headed by Precious Chakasikwa and team members are Gondai Sithole and Tatenda Moyo.

Criminal Law and Public Law

The firm undertakes criminal law practice to a limited extent, particularly in areas such as Exchange Control and Media law violations. This Department is headed by Tawanda Tandi and other team members are Precious Chakasikwa, Bernard Chidziva,Gondai Sithole and Ngonidzashe Mugandiwa.


The firm is external counsel for the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and has been such for over a period spanning nearly two decades. Due to potential conflict of interest, the firm does not represent any taxpayers in any tax litigation involving Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. However, the firm offers tax advice in respect of any tax matters which do not involve litigation with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority drawing on its vast experience and knowledge of our local tax law. The tax department is headed by Simplicio Bhebhe and team members are Addington Chinake, Agmos Moyo, Chatapiwa Malaba, Herbert Muromba and Nyashadzashe Chidembo.